Monday, October 12, 2009

Why a boyfriend is baggage?

            Dear LADIES, the next time you plan a holiday, keep in mind this little tip – avoid excess baggage. That includes the man in your life. No matter what stage you life is in, it’ll do you good to leave you man behind while you spend uninterrupted time with your BFs. Here are some reasons why a trip with the girls should be right on top of you to do list.
1)     The girls won’t push, nag and hurry you to get dressed for a day of sight seeing.
2)     The girls will indulge you inner super model and patiently click pictures of you in every possible angle so your arms won’t look fat.
3)     Want to do more than check out the local pubs? The girls don’t need to be coerced into obscure cultural experiences.
4)     Speaking of pubs, a group of female tourists leads directly to loads of attention and not to mention, free drinks.
5)     Sharing is caring as you pack light for your trip but still have a huge wardrobe to choose from; courtesy of you gang of girls.
6)     Packing light means you have space for heavy duty shopping. Imagine being let loose in a mall without a man to sulk and mope behind you.
7)     Let’s not forget the simple pleasures of hanging out with the girls.

If these reasons are not enough to get you moving, consider the after effects of you trip. You’ve been gone for a few days on a much needed holiday, with out your man. You’re back, all recharged and rejuvenated. Your man has missed you while you’ve been gone. Need I say more ladies? Do yourselves a favour, leave behind all that excess baggage and let your gang of divas help you celebrate life and friendship!


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