Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For Successful Conception

The Sperm should be capable of the following capacities to be able to fertilize the egg.
It should be capable of rapid movement towards the egg. It should be capable of piercing the egg and fusing with its nucleus. Your semen analysis will reveal whether the sperm is capable of rapid motility Hamaster test would reveal if it can pierce the egg.
Sperm Count
There are different opinions about the number of sperms that should be normally present in the semen. According to the World Health Organisation, the count in every ejaculate should be around 50 million per milliliter of semen. Among them about 50 percent should be capable of motility and 60 percent should have normal morphology or appearance. It is enough if there are about 20 million sperms in about 1 ml of semen. Among them 5=10 million should be capable of motility. This is enough to bring about fertilization. Till about 25 years ago, 100 million per ml was thought to be required. The changing scenario of chemical pollution and lifestyles, the count is reduced to half.
Low output of Semen
The quantity of semen is very important for reproduction to occur. Semen output less than 1 ml is highly insufficient since it cannot even reach the uterine cervix. The female reproductive system has acid secretions. These are meant to kill any invading microorganisms. When the semen output is low, it will not to be enough to neutralize the acid secretions resulting in the death of all sperms. Many who come here have only limited understanding of this and we make it a point to inform them here.
Repeated antibiotic therapy could only reduce the fructose content to half. Excess semen secretion was brought to normal. We can use the semen for artificial insemination, which brought about successful conception.
Excess Semen secretion:
If the volume of the semen you are expelling is more than 3.5 ml, the number of sperms would be less. Because they get lysed in the fluid. In about 90% of males the first ejaculate will have more of sperms. Get it out through masturbation. We can use it for artificial insemination.